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Winefun is starting here

Signe Gau Winefun


My name is Signe Gau. I have been working in the wine business for more than 20 years and have continuously further educated myself on the subject. As a holder of the WSET® Diploma, I can call myself a wine academic.

As the name "Winefun" suggests, I think wine should be fun.

In the process, I've noticed that we "wine experts" sometimes move as if in a bubble, partly distancing ourselves from consumers, many of whom have a hard time with the subject of wine and understanding wine.

I would like to make a contribution with my blog aiming for you to have fun with wine and to realize that all this is not so difficult as it sometimes seems. In addition to wine, this blog will also feature recipes - wine and food belong together!

There will be a special focus on my home country:

The Black Forest and Baden (Germany).

You will find reports on excursion destinations, small manufacturers or special restaurants. Since I often make wine trips in the border triangle, a view across the border into Alsace or Switzerland will always be a part of it.

I wish you a lot of fun as you join me on a journey of discovery.

Sincerely ,

Your Signe

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