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Pino Magma – the wine from Kaiserstuhl

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The Kaiserstuhl is one of the warmest wine regions in Baden. Here, Burgundy varieties are grown preferentially on 4,165 hectares, and the wine terraces allow the grapes to ripen optimally. On a drive through the Kaiserstuhl, you see vines everywhere. Over 100 winegrowers cultivate this patch of land.

Kaiserstuhl in Baden / Germany

In 2019, 14 wineries (vineyards and winegrowers' cooperatives) joined forces to create a branded wine: Pino Magma Kaiserstuhl.

The logo with the four lines is meant to symbolize the Kaiserstuhl with its terraces, and the word magma is a reference to the volcanic soil.

Logo of Pino Magma Kaiserstuhl

This is a white wine cuvée (see also my article on Cuvées) of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. The blending ratio is determined by each winery itself, but at least 33% of each grape variety must be in the cuvée. The wines must be dry, with a maximum of 4 grams of residual sugar per liter and may contain a maximum of 13% alcohol by volume for the base wines. The reserve wines may have up to 13.5% alcohol by volume.

Similar to a Chianti or a Bordeaux, the name Pino Magma Kaiserstuhl is intended to become a geographical brand whose wines, while tasting different depending on the winemaker, have a similar and thus recognizable style. The basis for such profiling are defined product specifications.

The base wines are released after one year, the reserve wines after two years. These are aged 100% in wooden barrels for at least 9 months, while only 10-20% of the base wines are aged in wooden barrels. The grape varieties must be marketed by the respective winery as a producer-bottler.

But in order to be able to sell the wine as Pino Magma, it must be rated as good by at least two-thirds of the tasters in a blind tasting.

In terms of taste, Pinot Blanc is said to bring out the finesse in the wine, while Pinot Gris is said to give the strength for a well-rounded wine.

I had a sample pack of 12 bottles sent to me and randomly picked out three bottles to taste:

1.) Weingut Josef Ambs, Bötzingen

A fresh wine, with a pronounced floral aroma. The wine is perfect for spring, when you are eagerly waiting for the first blossoms - here you already have them in your glass.

2.) Winery Andreas Hiss, Eichstetten

Here Pinot Blanc calls the shots. Light-footed, the wine prances across the tongue. A nice freshness, coupled with citrus aromas, makes the wine seem elegant.

3.) Winegrowers' cooperative Jechtingen-Amoltern eG, Sasbach-Jechtingen

With this strong wine a wood aroma is recognizable. In addition, some dried herbs, which make this powerful wine an ideal companion to meat dishes.

Now I am curious about the other bottles....

Varieties of Pino Magma from the Kaiserstuhl

"Perfect white wine elegance from the volcano" -

is the slogan of Pino Magma eG.

And I find it: fitting!

More info:

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